Connections: Summer 2024, Volume 13

School-university partnerships are at the forefront of educational innovation, as showcased in this exciting Summer 2024 issue of CASUP Connections. Our feature articles highlight groundbreaking approaches that are revolutionizing teacher preparation and professional development.

Discover how strategic staffing residencies are creating authentic, job-embedded learning opportunities for both new and seasoned educators. Learn about a pioneering model that not only addresses teacher shortages but also enhances instructional quality and student support. Explore the lasting impact of an eight-year partnership between Fresno Pacific University and Pinedale Elementary School, demonstrating the power of sustained collaboration.

These partnerships exemplify how collaborative efforts can transform teaching practices, create pathways for well-prepared educators, and ultimately improve student outcomes. By fostering these innovative connections, we’re building a more responsive and effective educational system.

Join us in exploring how school-university partnerships are shaping a brighter future for education. This issue of CASUP Connections is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration in our field.

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Featured Articles

Strategic Staffing Residencies Open Doors to Authentic, Job-Embedded Professional Learning for Experienced and New Teachers
by Rebecca Hatkoff, Glen Gonsalves, Meghan Cosier, and Debra Russell
The Corona-Norco Unified School District and Claremont Graduate University partnership introduces an innovative teacher residency model that benefits both new and experienced educators. By placing teacher candidates in dual roles as residents and part-time paraprofessionals, this strategic staffing approach creates authentic learning experiences, improves teacher retention and satisfaction, enhances instructional quality, and provides valuable professional growth opportunities for mentor teachers.

School-University Partnerships: Point of View
by Jan Zoller
The Fresno Pacific University-Pinedale Elementary School partnership highlights the value of long-term school-university collaborations. This eight-year program immerses student teachers in the school community for a full academic year, providing authentic classroom experiences and professional growth. Stakeholders emphasize the program’s benefits, including improved teacher preparation, enhanced school culture, and increased hiring opportunities for well-prepared new educators within the district.

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