Award Recipients

Each year since 2016, CASUP recognizes one exemplary school-university partnership and one exemplary cooperating teacher.

2021 Awardees

Exemplary School-University Partnership Award
Our 2021 Exemplary Partnership Award winners are Point Loma Nazarene University (PLNU) and the Lamont Elementary School District (LESD).

The Lamont Elementary School District, located in Kern County, is home to an established 50:50 dual language immersion program with a 20 year history. The partnership between the district and Point Loma Nazarene University’s School of Education was initiated during the 2019-20 school year in an effort to revisit, refocus and refine the district’s Dual Language Program, impacting 35% of their total student enrollment. This partnership involved 31 district teachers, five peer coaches, four administrators and two district directors, learning alongside a PLNU professor and external consultant. Overall, the partnership has impacted over 1,000 dual language students at four school sites and the educators serving them in California’s Central Valley.

Congratulations to Point Loma Nazarene University and the Lamont Elementary School District.
1st Row From Left to Right:
Dina Esparza, LESD – Director II of Instructional Services, Elsie Solis-Chang – PLNU – Assistant Professor, Ana Adamson, Principal, Israel Cisneros, ELD/DUAL TOSA 
2nd Row Left to Right 
Brandy Charles, Principal, Arturo C. Duran, Vice Principal, Maria Ozuna, Principal, Miguel Guerrero, Superintendent, 
3rd Row Left to Right
Antonio Aguilera , Administrative Services, Gloria Moreno, Vice Principal, Javier Bolivar, Principal, Alesha Moreno-Ramirez, Language & Literacy Consultant

2020 Awardees

Exemplary School-University Partnership Award
The partnership between California Lutheran University (CLU) and Los Cerritos Middle School (LCMS) began as pilot program in 2008 with a goal of creating a Professional Development School. The partnership is one based on innovation, collaboration, reflective practices, and adherence to an effective model. High degrees of trust and shared leadership have helped create a 13-year-old joint venture that is both operational and unique. What makes this partnership valuable is the commitment to shaping future teachers who are grounded in applied theory with clinical practice at the core of the program.

Since its inception, countless middle school students have benefited from having two adults in the classroom who co-teach, co-plan and assess student achievement together. Almost 200 teacher candidates have been prepared in this PDS partnership over the past 13 years and the California Association of School University Partnerships is proud to honor both California Lutheran University and Los Cerritos Middle School with its Exemplary Partnership award for 2020.
Photo: (left) Dr. Michael Cosenza, PDS Program Director at California Lutheran University and (right) Jason Klinger, Principal of Los Cerritos Middle School in Thousand Oaks, CA.
Exemplary Cooperating Teacher Award
​Sarah Rosenthal is our 2020 Exemplary Teacher Award winner. Her leadership and collaboration skills in her role as the PDS Coordinator in the partnership between Pepperdine University and Palisades Charter High School is evident in her work to secure clinical placements, communicate with HR to process onboarding, host weekly candidate luncheons in her classroom, co-host events for mentor teachers and teacher candidates, and advocate for teacher candidate needs as issues arise.

Mrs. Rosenthal is a leader in her classroom with both her own students and the teacher candidates. She is an exemplary mentor who not only coaches students in pedagogical strategies, but she mentors them on how to teach from a social justice and equity perspective. Beyond her classroom, Mrs. Rosenthal is a collaborative leader at Palisades Charter High School.

In addition to her work with the Pepperdine PDS, Mrs. Rosenthal is the coordinator of Smaller Learning Communities and Professional Learning Communities. Furthermore, she oversees student led clubs including Breast Cancer Awareness Club and the Persian Student Union. Mrs. Rosenthal is also in the process of working with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to create a wellness center for students on campus to receive mental health and wellness services, partnering with NAMI to secure a grant to fund the center.

​​​​​2019 Awardees

Exemplary School-University Partnership Award
California Lutheran University, Flory Academy of Sciences and Technology and Campus Canyon College Preparatory
Left to Right, Karisha Wagler (Campus Canyon), Rosalinda Silva (Flory Academy), Susie Rossiter (Campus Canyon), Trudy Arriaga (California Lutheran)
Exemplary Cooperating Teacher Award
Karisha Wagler, First Grade Teacher and PDS Liaison at Campus Canyon College Preparatory, Moorpark Unified School District

​​​​​2018 Awardees

Exemplary School-University Partnership Award
UCLA – Los Angeles Unified Instructional Technology Institute
Exemplary Cooperating Teacher Award
Jacquie Meir, English Teacher, English Department Chair and PDS Liaison
Los Cerritos Middle School, Conejo Valley School District

​​​​​2017 Awardees

Exemplary School-University Partnership Award
Exemplary Beginning Teacher Award
Madeline Landseadel, Math Teacher
Los Cerritos Middle School, Conejo Valley Unified School District
Madeline Landseadel (L) Los Cerritos Middle School, Dr. Cat Gaspard (R), Northridge Academy/CSUN Partnership

​​​​​2016 Awardees

Exemplary School-University Partnership Award
Beginning Teacher Award
Virginia Martinez, English Language Arts/Social Science Teacher
Desert Springs Middle School, Palm Springs Unified School District